Class Activity:

Designing the pathfinder.
Today we will be designing the template for our pathfinder.
  1. HAVE YOU?? Created a new page titled Pathfinder-Your Topic and link it on the Pathfinders-Economics page??
  2. Decide which articles and websites will be the most useful for your pathfinder and post them on your pathfinder.
  3. Create a glossary page and link that to your pathfinder page - all your glossary terms will go here.
  4. Create 2 headings on your pathfinder titled SUBJECT HEADINGS and SEARCH TERMS
  5. Create a list of the subject headings and search terms that are the most useful and that correspond to the resources (databases used, library collection websites, articles, websites, etc.) that you use in your pathfinder.
  6. Create an introduction to your pathfinder. (see Class 7)
  7. For more ideas on pathfinders: Springfield Township Library Pathfinder Collection


Begin writing your introduction to your pathfinder. Your introduction will explain your research question, the scope of your research, and what types of materials you are presenting.

HOMEWORK: What do you still need to do?

  • Glossary
  • Introduction to Pathfinder
  • Choose final sources
  • 3-2-1 questions for all sources
  • List of search terms and subject headings related to sources