Looking at Editorially Selected Websites (Library Web Collections).

  • You spent the two weeks identifying your topic and running some searches for newspaper, magazine, journals, reference sources.
  • You evaluated what you found with article evaluation criteria.
  • You spent some time looking at other types of pathfinders and evaluated those.
  • You discussed your work with your peers.
Today you will be honing and refining your work by:
Completing a WEEK 2 ASSESSMENT and grading yourself with this CRITERIA

Mini-lesson on Editorially-selected websites AKA Library Web Collections.

  • SIRS Web-Select
  • Librarian's Internet Index
  • Internet Public Library
  • Evaluate websites you find with this WEBSITE ASSESSMENT GUIDE
  • Create a new wiki page titled "Your Topic Websites" (ex. Disinflation Websites) linked to your first page that houses the websites you find with SIRS Webselect, LII, and IPL (links to which are on the Class 11 page or Resources). List subject headings, search terms, topics and/or subtopics used to get the sites you needed. Also create a list of vocabulary terms, and answer 3-2-1 questions. You should have a minimum of two websites.