Professor Tamarkin with his students.
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Finance Professor Maurry Tamarkin

AB, PhD, Washington University (St. Louis), 1961, 1979.
Buchan Award for Research,1978; Clark University GSOM Professor of the Year,1990; Stock and Commodities Broker, Thomson & McKinnon Auchincloss Kohlmeyer & Co., 1973-1974.

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Research Interests
Corporate finance, risk attitudes, risk management.
Selected Publications
"Bettors Love Skewness, not Risk, at the Horse Track," Journal of Political Economy (1998)
"Statistical Tests of Market Rationality that Document Inefficiency for the Football Betting Market," Journal of Financial Economics (1991)

"My educational background consists of an A.B., major in Geology, and a Ph. D. in Finance. Both degrees earned from Washington University in St. Louis. My principal work experience is somewhat varied. For three years I was a high school science teacher. Then I spent eight years as a Registered Representative for a New York Stock Exchange member firm. Now I teach at Clark University where I hold the rank of Professor."

"In high school I liked to play football; my favorite subject was English, and my biggest challenge was completing homework."

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