Remember, for each article, write on your search log 3 things you discovered, 2 things you found interesting, and 1 question you still have.Ms. Tamarkin
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Harrison - try searching with this subject heading Teenage consumers - you get a lot of interesting articles. - Ms. Tamarkin

When I think of economics I think of society and how people work together to make the economy of one country the best. I feel that advertising affects economics because, people need to buy necessities and so every time someone buys something it is building the economy of one own society. I learned in economics class how to cash and check, how to strategist when buying and how advertising works and sometimes fools us. I still have one question on how advertising works around the world internationally and how it affects people of different cultures.

Introduction :

Brand names have been shaping our society and civilization for years. Brand name companies have for years thought of new ways to spend less and gain more. Now in present day brand name companies even use cheap labor to create their famous products all over the world. For a company to gain fame not only do their product have to have good quality but the company has to have and create an image themselves using advertising to make their brand into a household name thus making it look more like a way of life then a company.

Search term: Branding
How do brands competition affect society?
Hoe does advertising affect economics?

Brand name products

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Title: Status of US Brand Slips Globally Among Teens
Source: Christian Science Monitor
Author: Clayton Collins
Publication Date: Feb. 16, 2006
Page Number: n.p
Brand name products

Consumption (Economics)

Title: Can't Live Without It
Source: World Watch
Author: Alan Thein Durning
Publication Date: May/June 1993
Page Number: 10-18
Database: SIRS Researcher

Branding (Marketing)
Title: Starbucks Aims Beyond Lattes, to Extend Brand to Films, Music...
Source: USA Today
Author: Bruce Horovitz
Publication Date: May 18, 2006
Page Number: n.p.
Database: SIRS Renaissance
I discovered how Star bucks as a company is growing larger and expanding.
I also discovered how they will use there image to make new products available
I found interesting how they want to expand their company because, of the famous name they have obtained.
I want to know why they want to expand and become a company that sells more then just coffee?

Brand name products
Title: From Legos to Logos
Source: NEA Today Vol. 24, No. 8
Author: Cynthia Kopkowski
Publication Date: May 2006
Page Number: 36-37
Database: SIRS Researcher

Find 3 things you discovered, 2 things you found interesting , and 1 question you still have.

I discovered how brand company's are using the vulnerable minds of the youth to get what they want.
I also discovered how kids now a days are more concerned about looking good then having fun.
I found interesting how kids now a days are more influenced by brand and logos then before.
My question is = How do the parents of these new generation of children feel about all their expenses to buy brand name products for their children.

Search term Branding -then subject heading brand name products
one thing that I found interesting was how brand names affect even children now a days.
Another thing I found interesting is how media such as television changes people views so dramatically.
Finally I found interesting on how just the last decade children are starting to ask more more brands names then ever before.

I want to know how parents wages are affected by their children's more expensive spendings ?
What type of media makes kids want to buy brand product names?

SEVERAL Search terms would be
I would mainly go to sirs online and search in subject headings for branding and make sure it has to do with economics and advertising.
Main terms

Family and mass media (See: Mass media and the family)
Children and mass media (See: Mass media and children)

Branding is used to advertise different and various products all over the world. Branding takes a product and makes it seem better because, of the brand name it was given or because of the company name. Like for example, Nike is a household name that everyone knows and even though they might sell various products they are sometimes more expensive because of the brand name.

Brand name products
Title: No Surrender
Source: Jerusalem Report
Author: Shlomo Schwartzberg
Publication Date: Feb. 26, 2001
Page Number: 32-33
Database: SIRS Researcher
Find 3 things you discovered, 2 things you found interesting , and 1 question you still have.

I discovered that people like Naomi Klein are really against logos and brand names.
I also discovered that companies use cheap labor to make products that they sell for a lot more.
I find interesting how the urban youth get influenced to buy brand name products to look like they belong.
I want to know how the rich companies feel about using cheap labor to make their products?

Brand name products
Title: No Logo: Multinationals and the Appropriation of Meaning
Source: LAPIS No. 13
Author: Naomi Klein
Publication Date: Spring 2001
Page Number: 13-16
Database: SIRS Researcher
Find 3 things you discovered, 2 things you found interesting , and 1 question you still have.

I discovered that the brand image of a company is much more they just a brand.
Companies no how good the product is they must first make a name for themselves.
I find interesting how the importance of brand image can change a company so drastic.
I want to know what is the best way to use advertisement to create an important brand image.

Alissa Quart, author of Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers. Money and brands