Step One - Decide on your topic.

my main topic is how computers had affected our society. but my two topics of this main topic are: how do computers had affected literature. and the last topic is: how do computers had affected family.

Step 2 – Develop questions on your topic.


1) are computes replacing literature?

2)is literature more important than computers?

3) are computers more important than literature?

4)what do people prefer, computers or literature?

5) why people prefer more computers than literature?


1) are computers affecting family?

2) are kids more interstign in computers than in going out?

3)do computers make children smarter?

4)how do computers affect kida and parents? 5)how do computers affect children's desire to socialize?

6)are computers is an issue to parent or to the companies?

Step 3 – Gather information

family research

1) the company "lexmark report on computing and the american family" provides evidence that computers are having a good pisitive impacts on families and are helping to provide solutins for some of the important challenges facing families today, including education, communication and financial issues.

2)most of the parents agree that using a pc unit has helped their children become more creative, and they also said that their children would not do as well in school if they did not own a personal computer. and bacause of this, there children's grades have improved through use of a computer printer, because they use it for printing projects and homeworks.

3)computers in families is also a good deal or issue and especially in communication and especially to family who in a different country. keeping in touch with family and friens is one of the most frequently mentioned aspects of computer ownership. in fact, 63% of those who use the computers to communicate said that are better able to stay in contact with these people specially bacause of on-line access.